Schocko Bowl Playoffs – Game 2

This match-up is actually a rematch of the 9th/10th place Schocko Playoff from last year…however this year it doesn’t look like one of these teams will be as lucky as last year.   One of them will be in contention for the lovely toilet seat this year.  Shout out to Scott who is not allowed to bring it into our house so no pressure or you totally have to move out k thanks  so don’t lose.

These two teams have only faced off once this season – here’s how it turned out

week 5 scott andrea

Scott had gone into the game projected with a loss, but pulled off a sizable win against Andrea.  However, Scott’s team is only averaging 98.07 points a game this season, so Andrea may be able to pull this one off

Going into Sunday Morning (albeit, there may be some last minute tinkering), this is what we are looking at for these two teams.  Scott and Andrea both appear to be off to a bit of a rough start, with no player hitting their projections so far.  However, this is far too early to have either team throwing in the towel just yet.  Andrea Vs Scott Sunday AM

Good luck Andrea & Scott!