9th/10th place game – FINAL RESULTS

schocko week 2 shel kaylie

Kaylie wins with a score of 98.50 to 94.92!



And we have the first final score in for week 1 of 2014 The Schocko Bowl Playoff!!!!

Sparkle Titz has defeted Sparkly TDs!  With a score of 109.20 to 105.90, Sparkle Titz holds out and pulls off a win to put Matt playing to hold on to The Schocko for yet another year!

stat tracker game 2 Matt Kaylie

Who will Matt play in The Schocko Bowl next week?  Stay tuned tomorrow!

Stat Tracker Update after 3:05/3:25 Game

Well, with the Sunday afternoon games wrapping up, we’ve still got two close games going.

Game 1 –

stat tracker game 1

2 players left for Venomous Vixens!  LeSean McCoy tonight, Kenny Stills on Monday
3 players left for The Lady McFredericks! Mark “Buttfumble” Sanchez (or Tony Romo…there is still another 40 minutes left where something could change), Dan Bailey, and the Eagles Defense, all playing tonight.

Game 2

stat tracker game 2 Matt Kaylie

Sparkly TDs has Jason Witten remaining tonight, while Sparkle Titz is done for the weekend.  Will Witten be able to pull off a 9.90 game for the win? Lets find out!

Who will be battling for the Schocko?!  Who will be safe? We’ll have a better idea after tonight!

Post 12 PM Game Stat Trackers

Here is your first update for this weekend! Results after 12 PM games


stat tracker game 1

*Tre Mason (Venomous Vixens) had a stat correction from 1.30 points to 2.30 points
*Adrian Peterson (The Lady McFredericks) was dropped for Jeremy Ross


stat tracker game 2 Matt Kaylie

I’ll be back with more updates soon!