Week 15 – Schocko Bowl Preview

Welcome back to another year of Shocko Playoffs!  This year we have a fun match up going on to see WHO WILL BE THE SCHOCKO!

2015 Schocko Bowl.png

Best part of a couples-mostly league is when a couple is in the playoffs for the Schocko Toilet Seat of Doom – amiright? 🙂


In our first matchup, we have a pairing of teams who last saw each other week 5…where one team showed up and the other, well, not so much.

week 5

Will this be another replay of week 5?  Or will Kelly come off with a surprise win? Stay tuned!


Our other match up is between two teams that have had even LONGER of a time since their last match up.  This was the score from week 4.

week 4

Scott is the underdog with the lower seed, but will he pull off a win and leave Bob to be back in the contending for the toilet seat?  Or will Bob pull off a win, potentially having a couple match up for the Schocko?