Schocko Bowl Playoffs – Game 1

Welcome to the first match-up of the 2018 Schocko Bowl Playoffs.  This playoff game is a match-up between our first ever (2013) Schocko and our 2014 Schocko.  Both of these managers have had some pretty decent seasons since then.  Audrey won the championship in 2016 and came in 3rd place last year.  She had managed to steer clear from Schocko Bowl contention until this year.  Matt has also managed to stay away from the Schocko Bowl in recent years, finishing 5th last year.

This game is a bit of a grudge match – these two teams played each other last week – here’s how it turned out

week 14 matt audrey

However, when they met up in week 3, this was the result

week 3 matt audrey

It will be a tough one for both teams.    Here is what we have going in to the Noon game on Sunday for our Game 1 of the 2018 Schocko Bowl Playoffs!Matt Vs Audrey Sunday AM

Good Luck Matt & Audrey!